In Death Series by J. D. Robb

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    In Death Series is a set of novels by J. D. Robb. They follow the cases of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, a homicide detective in the New York Police Department.

    The In Death Series is set in the mid-21st century, and each book contains a futuristic element, such as advanced medical technology or artificial intelligence. Despite this, the books are still grounded in reality, and the characters are incredibly relatable.

    The In Death Series is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy fast-paced mysteries with a touch of romance. The books are well-written and addictive, and it's easy to become invested in the lives of the characters.

    If you're looking for a new series to get hooked on, I highly recommend In Death.

    5 products
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    Forgotten In Death - Readers Warehouse
    Forgotten In Death
    #53 In Series
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    Ceremony In Death - Readers Warehouse
    Ceremony In Death
    #5 in Series
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    Visions in Death - Readers Warehouse
    Visions in Death
    #9 in Series
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    Creation In Death & Strangers In Death - Readers Warehouse
    Creation In Death & Strangers In Death
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    Random in Death - Readers Warehouse
    Random in Death
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