Amos Decker Series by David Baldacci

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    Amos Decker is an extraordinary detective with a unique gift. Thanks to a traumatic brain injury, Decker has the ability to remember everything he sees and hears. This photographic memory proves invaluable when solving crimes, as Decker is able to recall even the smallest details.

    The Amos Decker series by David Baldacci follows Decker as he uses his special ability to solve complex cases. With each book in the series, Baldacci weaves an intricate web of suspense, keeping readers guessing until the very end.

    If you're looking for a thrilling mystery series that will keep you on the edge of your seat, look no further than Amos Decker.

    6 products
    Walk the Wire - Readers Warehouse
    Walk the Wire
    #6 in Series
    R 179.00
    The Fallen - Readers Warehouse
    The Fallen
    #4 in Series
    R 179.00
    Memory Man - Readers Warehouse
    Memory Man
    #1 in Series
    R 179.00
    Redemption - Readers Warehouse
    #5 in Series
    R 185.00
    The Fix David Baldacci
    The Fix
    #3 in Series
    R 179.00
    The Last Mile - Readers Warehouse
    The Last Mile
    #2 in Series
    R 179.00